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Interested in our foundation classes?

Always wanted to try yoga and lacked the confidence?

Do you want to get more out of your yoga practice?

Want to add another skillset to your wellness toolbox?

Want yoga based strategies for peace of mind?

Utopian yoga supports you in your yoga practice no matter what stage you are at in your journey.

The Foundation Principles Online

Access anytime, our self paced course. Jane leads you through the Foundation Priciples, a course that has been curated from a lifetime of experience in yoga, pilates, and many other disciplines.


If you’re local and wish to participate in person, you are welcome to join us. Spaces are limited so please register your interest. These classes are also available via Zoom.

Covid-19 vaccination required please

introductory classes

Utopian Yoga Foundation Principles is where we begin our journey. These are introductory classes where you learn the 7 principles to give you the best start or to build onto your yoga practice. courses run for 6 weeks.

Our next course begins in June.

rolling out the yoga mat

Utopian Yoga 

Utopian® Yoga is a unique form of yoga 

It has been developed by well-known Dunedin yoga teacher, Jane Gillespie, after a lifetime of learning and teaching and researching the connection between the mind and body.

It combines aspects of mindfulness, movement, breathing, balance, strengthening, focus and relaxation to facilitate reprogramming and realignment. Its edge is an efficient and achievable synthesis of these elements. As that synthesis evolves movement becomes increasingly graceful, attractive and connected and problems diminish. 

By practicing Utopian Yoga you can expect a higher quality of life through improved mobility balance and strength. You will begin to move with more awareness, feel calmer and have improved motor coordination.

If Utopian Yoga sounds like something you would like to try, visit our Utopian Yoga page to learn more about it.

In addition to Utopian Yoga, we also host a fully equipped Pilates Studio and the Gentle Gym.

Time to unlock your health and wellbeing—call Utopian Yoga today on (03) 477 2290.

Utopian® Yoga Foundation Principles are our introductory classes

Utopian yoga is a synthesis of yoga based disciplines that builds on foundation principles.

Inquire about Utopian Yoga Foundation Principles today to kick start your Utopian yoga journey.

Your journey begins with the foundation Principles

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Contact JAne

Jane not only provides expertise from many years of experience and training, she creates a welcoming, supportive and safe environment in which she promotes personal and physical growth and healing.
After every session of Pilates with Jane Gillespie, I sleep deeply and wake totally refreshed, as if my body has been re-set. For the rest of the week I am much more alert and creative.
To me Jane Gillespie’s Utopia Yoga is a safe sanctuary; a place of fun and energy; of learning, balance, strength, fitness and flexibility; of peace and laughter. Sounds like Utopia? It is.
I found connection between my lower and upper body that wasn’t present prior; breathing and a sense of efficiency in movement which contradicted training techniques in the professional sporting industry. I now have a stronger understanding of, and feeling with, my body.
Professional Rugby Player
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