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Are you addicted to being “fixed”.

Are you addicted to being “fixed”.
“I’m out of shape and I don’t eat well and my sleep isn’t great. I do go for the odd run or walk sort of occasionally.  I think because my body works it must be fine.
It does all the things it’s supposed to do, sometimes better than others. What’s the problem? If some part of my body packs up there are plenty of “fixers” out there that I can go to. Many are ACC-funded and so they’re pretty cheap. No worries. I can chill and have the safety net of the fixers.”
But alas, while that paradigm sort of works it doesn’t really work very well. And the “fixers” are overworked.
There is another way; called “taking responsibility”.
Utopian yoga is a journey, both scientifically based and experimental, into sussing out how the body works optimally. It teaches a paradigm of organisation for posture and movement where, core, postural alignment, breath, and movement dynamics work together optimally to effect better movement and wellness. This integrative approach is then practiced and reinforced throughout the days in the context of one’s daily life. As we become increasingly connected there is a compounding flow-on effect of improvement as we learn to live in our bodies intelligently. And then we can work with the “fixers”. We will learn to carry ourselves and to seek help with some understanding and wisdom as required.

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