Foundation Principles

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About Course

Utopian Yoga Foundation principles is a gentle introduction to changing your life through the Utopian Yoga program.

The 7 session Utopian Yoga Foundation principles course covers essential principles of movement including:

  • Breathing technique
  • Core Connection
  • Postural alignment
  • Spinal articulation
  • Bandha, Balance & Flow
  • Relaxation/Meditation
  • Integration

It is an ideal introduction for both beginners and long-standing yoga practitioners.


What Will You Learn?

  • Breath
  • Core
  • Postural Alignment
  • Spinal Articulation
  • Bandha, Balance & Flow
  • Relaxation
  • Integration
  • You'll also be introduced to the many approaches in Utopian Yoga and learn about the Yoga Kit

Course Content

Foundation Principles by Jane Gillespie
Welcome to the Foundation Principles for Utopian yoga. In these sessions, we will look at the interplay of breath, core, posture, spinal articulation, bandha, relaxation and the integration of these principles. The principles aren’t complex and when they work together they make a big difference to movement and wellbeing. In practising their integration, your movement, comfort levels, connectedness and peace of mind will improve increasingly over time. The foundation principles are inviting us into a more balanced and aligned way of being and doing. It's a courageous act to learn new ways of organising and may at times feel challenging as we develop new patterns and greater presence. But with some perseverance, you will find the process to be gentle, kind and empowering. It's quite satisfying to actually improve our movement as we age rather than to diminish it. It's fun to learn how to work with our body, how to listen with awareness to what it's telling us, and to grow and develop a refinement and some elegance.

  • About the Foundation Principles
  • Watch the introduction video from Jane
  • Practice Instructions

1. The Breath
Our first foundation principle is breathing and is about developing a functional technique for breathing less and therefore accessing more oxygen. How we breath affects every body system including our blood chemistry, and is therefore very important. Overbreathing is a common dysfunctional practice. Here we learn how to breath well and how to take the technique into movement; to“breath’ the movement.

2. Core
Developing core strength will allow you to move with greater ease and efficiency. Your strength will increase markedly as you will be able to utilise the force of your entire body in your physical endeavours. This is a useful training for life that you can incorporate into everything you do. Learn to move in a graceful connected empowering way. Apply these principles to your interests, your life endeavours your daily grind and live your life well.

3. Postural Alignment
Postural alignment puts un into the "yoga zone” .We learn to connect core (length), breath and awareness, in the context of a functional and balanced alignment.

4. Spinal Articulation
Spinal articulation is where we learn to relax the big muscles in the back ( the ones that complain) and to operate via the core muscles (find your multifidus)for graceful and easeful movement.

5. Bandha, Balance and Flow
Bandha Balance and Flow Bandha: Learn how to stabilise, strengthen and protect your joints. Enhance the flow of energy and information through your body. Balance: Practice to improve your balance. Flow: Vinyasa is the practice of flowing and connected movements.

6. Relaxation & Meditation
Relaxation Relaxation is key to good movement and to good health. Focused relaxation is meditation. Efficient movement means less is more, ie only working the muscle fibres that directly generate an action. We see this in good athletes, and good performers. Their movement looks efficient and relaxed. They know if they overwork they will block their performance.

7. Integration
Integration is about putting it all together ( the foundation principles and their practice). It includes taking it as a mindful practice into our daily life. This practice is therapeutic and satisfying. You will develop a versatile strength and power and a calm elegance and confidence.

The Approaches
A big thank you to the masters!

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