Utopian Yoga Foundaton Principles provides you with a solid base

Utopian yoga
foundation principles

Our Utopian yoga Foundation Principles is where we begin our journey. Our Foundation Principles is a gentle introduction to changing your life through the Utopian Yoga program.

I understand you will be wanting  to get into your yoga practice as soon as possible, however,  just as the guitarist was eager to play beautiful music, she/he had first to train and learn technique.

Otherwise the music would not be beautiful.

The body is an instrument and to get the best out of it we need an intelligent and trained presence and organisation.

All great performers train to refine technique.

Life is a performance. The Utopian Foundation Principles underpin a top performance. Utopian yoga is a practice for life.

So please enjoy the initial training that these Foundation Principles are and over time your yoga practice will improve commensurately because you will have taken the time to refine your fundamental organisation and your body balance.

Learning how to put it all together is a good challenge. It’s satisfying, and the rewards over time in terms of health,  wellness and agility are huge.

Start date: June

6 weeks of tools to boost your yoga practice

Breathing Technique

How we breath has a significant effect on our well being. Amongst other things how we breath affects the  chemistry of our blood which affects our wellness. In learning the Utopian yoga breathing system of thoracic diaphragmatic breathing you will learn to breath gently and efficiently so that your oxygenation improves effortlessly. Learn to feel “good” by breathing.


Developing core strength will allow you to move with greater ease and efficiency. Your strength will increase markedly as you will be able to utilise the force of your entire body in your physical endeavours. This is a useful training for life that you can incorporate into everything you do. Learn to move in a graceful connected empowering way. Apply these principles to your interests, your life endeavours your daily grind and live your life well.

Postural Alignment

When the posture is good and the body is well aligned, it is able to work as it has evolved to work. When the posture is out of kilter problems lead to problems lead to problems. Standing upright well so that we can support a head that weighs about 8 kilograms is a task worth refining. Our system can then work optimally. The rewards are massive over time.

Spinal Articulation

Learning to articulate our spine gracefully requires teaching our back muscles to organise in a balanced fluid way. As well as developing more graceful movement and a stronger back we also learn how to prevent and to heal back problems. Back pain is very often a product of poor posture and movement patterns. We can change this. Be empowered.

Bandha, Balance & flow

A bandha is a co contraction of the muscles around a joint. This action stabilises the joint (shoulders, ankles knees elbows etc), and also allows an enhanced flow of energy and information through the juxtaposition that joint is. It is more prudent to stretch the long muscles between the joints, not the tendons and ligaments that make up the joint. If the tendons are over stretched they may become sloppy and less able to stabilise the joint which can result in joint problems.

Balance has two aspects…. The balance that is about the mind and the body and the standing balance. They are interconnected. Learning and practicing to be “sure” on ones feet Is important. No one wants to fall.

The flow is the session where each movement prepares for the next one and the body warms up into a fluid connected peaceful whole and will thus perform increasingly well. You will develop strength, poise, balance and agility. Your confidence will increase, along with peace of mind as you continue in this practice.

Relaxation and Meditation

A person who moves well is a person who is able to relax well. Letting go is key. Efficient movement demonstrates minimal effort to perform the given task. There is a focused relaxation/meditation at the end of each Utopian yoga class. 


When our breathing is interacting seemlessly with our core alignment and with our awareness there is both focus and freedom. As these components come into balance the movement continues to improve and refine. The mind  – in the body – in the core – in the breath – becomes a powerful vehicle for self-improvement.

Utopian yoga
foundation principles
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Start date: Monday 7.30 pm, January 25, 2021

9 weeks of tools to boost your yoga practice

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Utopian yoga
foundation principles

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