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Utopian Yoga Foundation Principles (online course)



The 7 session Utopian Yoga Foundation principles course covers essential principles of movement including:

  • Breathing technique
  • Core Connection
  • Postural alignment
  • Spinal articulation
  • Bandha, Balance & Flow
  • Relaxation/Meditation
  • Integration

This is the first stage of Utopian Yoga.

The second stage of Utopian Yoga is our regular classes where we bring together what you learnt in Foundation Principles and integrate it into movement to improve your yoga practice.

I understand you will be wanting to get into your yoga practice as soon as possible, however,  just as the guitarist was eager to play beautiful music, she/he had first to train and learn technique.
Otherwise, the music would not be beautiful.
The body is an instrument and to get the best out of it we need an intelligent and trained presence and organisation.
All great performers train to refine technique.
Life is a performance. The Utopian Foundation Principles underpin a top performance. Utopian yoga is a practice for life.
So please enjoy the initial training that these Foundation Principles are and over time your yoga practice will improve commensurately because you will have taken the time to refine your fundamental organisation and your body balance.
Learning how to put it all together is a good challenge. It’s satisfying, and the rewards over time in terms of health,  wellness and agility are huge.


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