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“I have been a student of Jane’s for nearly seven years. In that time I have attended regular Utopian Yoga™ and Feldenkrais® classes.

Through Jane’s holistic approach I have developed a depth of awareness of both body and mind I didn’t know was possible. Her blend of Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais® make for a very pleasant and peaceful set of movements to perform and result in great body strength, an integration of mind and movement and a general sense of well being.

Jane not only provides expertise from many years of experience and training, she creates a welcoming, supportive and safe environment in which she promotes personal and physical growth and healing.

I hope to be attending Jane’s classes well into my 90s!”


To me Jane Gillespie’s Utopia House is a safe sanctuary; a place of fun and energy; of learning, balance, strength, fitness and flexibility; of peace and laughter. Sounds like Utopia? It is.


“I look forward to attending Utopian Yoga™ each week. Jane Gillespie is an expert teacher who encourages us to have fun and challenge ourselves, while learning at our own pace. The studio is a really comfortable and supportive space and it’s not difficult to get into the zone.”

Kerry, Design Lecture

“After every session of Pilates with Jane Gillespie, I sleep deeply and wake totally refreshed, as if my body has been re-set. For the rest of the week I am much more alert and creative.

As a school teacher, I take this revived feeling into the classroom and my students benefit in a multitude of ways. I also use the breathing techniques that Jane has taught me when swimming, walking and just relaxing.”

Sally G


“I started yoga classes with Jane at Utopia House in November 2015, first doing a five week starter course to see if it would suit me. It did suit me, I loved the small personal classes and I loved the room where we practiced the yoga.

It is in a lovely old house and the room is light, airy and beautiful, as you spend some of your time in poses staring at the ceiling I think it helps that the ceiling is so nice to look at.

The main reason I tried yoga is because my backache even after years of massage, physio and lots of things I have tried was not getting better, in fact it seemed to be getting worse so I tried yoga with Jane.

I have been enjoying the classes and at the start it was obvious to me that my back was a bit of a plank but surprisingly quickly it started loosening up, and what was even a bigger surprise was a week or so ago I realised that I hadn’t had any back pain for a while – a couple of weeks or so. I also felt my posture was better.

Because of these results I feel very positive about my future health and am enjoying working towards a stronger and more flexible body, interesting it is very calming too which can only be good.”


“My situation was one-month post-achilles repair. I was looking for low-level activation of the right lower limb to begin my rehab.

I had some experience in Pilates, but I was quietly surprised with what Jane put together for me. Incorporating Pilates, Yoga, and some Feldenkrais® activities/exercises was what she believed to be most beneficial.

I found connection between my lower and upper body that wasn’t present prior; breathing and a sense of efficiency in movement which contradicted training techniques in the professional sporting industry. I now have a stronger understanding of, and feeling with, my body.

Jane has accommodated my situation, being based in Japan. Using film and editing, I was able to take footage with me to coach and check myself and my form.

I highly recommend Jane’s teaching for anyone who is searching to understand their body and tap into possibilities they never knew existed.”

Callum, Professional Rugby Player

“I love attending Jane’s Utopian Yoga™ and Pilates classes at Utopia House – for years exercise had been a chore for me but now I really look forward to going to classes which have just the right blend of challenge and relaxation.

Jane is a supportive and knowledgeable teacher and the studio has a lovely welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to become stronger and more flexible, both in body and mind. Thank you Jane”.

Sally H

“I have been going to Jane’s classes for a number of years. Its like exercising with family, a really friendly group of people.

It sets my mind and body up for the week. Love going, thanks Jane.”


“I have been attending Jane’s Studio for quiet some time now infact for several years. Pilates was a new type of exercise for me at 60ish.

But by going to a class regularly and some practice at home, I found that I improved and if I did not get to a class I missed it. My body was quite stiff at first but now I find it has become more flexible, I stand straighter, and that I am stronger and fitter just to get on with life.

It irons out all those little crinks after a day in the garden. Jane is very professional at what she is practicing and has worked extremely hard to achieve her high standard of goals to pass on to her clients. I plan to keep on attending Jane’s classes right into my old age or till I am no longer able to scramble up and down from the floor.”

Thanks Jane.


“From Jane’s first cue to let our ‘shoulder blades slide over our ribs’ there is an immediate sense of pending time out that envelopes the room.

It’s a combination of a beautiful wood paneled room, thoughtful music and Jane’s insightful guidance through our sessions that leaves me feeling warm, calm and collected and physically stronger – one session a week is never enough.




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