Align, connect,
& flow


Utopian® yoga balance: is a Utopian blend that is less Pilates oriented and more yoga/Qi gong based.

Utopian Yoga Flow: is the mainstream class that is a blend of yoga, Pilates, Qi gong and Feldenkrais. As with all Utopian yoga practice it builds on the Utopian Foundation principles training.

Utopian Yoga Foundation principles is about the fundamental principles of Utopian yoga. These principles are; breathing technique, core connection, postural alignment, integration, bandha, balance, flow and meditation/relaxation. Utopian yoga is the practice of the deepening integration of these principles.

Class Prices

Utopian Yoga classes – $18
Pilates Studio – $35 – by appointment

Foundation Principles (6 introductory classes, + 2 free yoga classes) – $150 

For Foundation Principles Zoom course please enquire for our pricing.

Our final day for classes for 2022 is Thursday 1st December.
We start back on 28th February 2023.

All Utopian® yoga  mat classes are also available online.
Please contact Jane if you would like to participate online

*Weekly Utopian Yoga classes are available to participants who have completed the Introductory Foundation Principles classes first.

Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
7am Utopian Yoga
12pm Utopian Yoga
Utopian Yoga
Foundation principles
& Workshops
5.30pm Utopian Yoga
Utopian Yoga

Private sessions, Foundation principles and Pilates studio by arrangement.

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